Graphic Design Elements For A Compelling User Interface


When interacting digitally, users will be quick to stray if the user interface is challenging in any way. Effective use of graphic design elements in Brisbane websites and applications is essential to retain and funnel potential customers to the desired endpoint. For example, signing up for a newsletter, requesting a quote or clicking on pay to purchase a product or service.
What Is The User Interface?

The user interface is the method by which a human interacts with a computer, application or website. The purpose of this interface is to provide an effortless, intuitive pathway to the preferred outcome. From a marketing perspective, this would mean making it as easy as possible for the potential client to do what you would like them to do, i.e. engage in a business transaction with you.

Important Graphic Design Considerations

When designing a user interface, there are multiple factors to consider. Four of the most important considerations are:

  • SIMPLICITY – the simpler, the better. A clear, easy to navigate user interface is what everyone is looking for. Most of us have had the experience of not being able to find the information we are looking for on a website. When faced with that difficulty, a potential client will merely leave and look for another site.
  • PREDICTABILITY – users have become accustomed to the conventional layout templates used by many interfaces, as this generic structure has been proven to work. Deviation from the familiar is likely to cause frustration. The choice of graphic design elements and how they are arranged should generate a logical, intuitive configuration that makes the user feel comfortable.
  • KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE and generate the user interface in such a way that it is engaging to the proficient user, but on the other hand, does not deter inexperienced or less skilled users.
  • COMMUNICATION is key. It is vital that users have clarity on the meaning of every component of the user interface. This may mean the addition of appropriate icons, labels, drop-down lists, tooltips, notifications and message boxes. These should be incorporated in such a way as to fit with the overall look and feel of the interface – complementing the experience without hindering the flow to the desired result.

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