The heart & soul
of Brand Design.

A creative graphic design studio that wants to make a difference.

Our design studio works passionately with those businesses, charities and NGO’s that place care & people before profit.

Our track record speaks for itself.

As a creative design studio, we provide brand development, campaign creative and supporting graphic design to charities and eco-friendly companies in Brisbane, The Gold Coast and across South East Queensland.

Our 10,000 hours have been devoted to understanding and implementing great Brand and Design. We’ll bring our expertise so that you can focus your expertise on building better futures.

Lung Foundation Australia – Hope in Every Breath Campaign

Lung Foundation Australia need to raise awareness of the critical need for research in lung disease. Creating a research fund that funds life-changing research and delivers support services to people living with lung disease or lung cancer.

OYO Studio was engaged to developed a televisions and print campaign called ‘Hope in Every Breath’ with the aim to raise $50 million by 2030.

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Hear And Say – Loud Shirt Day

Hear and Say is a world-leading Paediatric Auditory-Verbal and cochlear implant centre. OYO Studios was approached to develop a campaign promote Loud Shirt Day on the 22 October 2021. In 2020, Loud Shirt Day supporters raised a whopping $188,841 to empower children born with hearing loss to hear and speak. This year, they smashed it by raising $451,528.

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Brand Your Culture

We all know brand is not just a logo,
it is every interaction at every touchpoint.

It showcases your Culture to the world.

Our proven Brand analysis leads us to deeply understand your needs and develop your strongest Brand.


Design influences the visual world around us. Our creative design brings that world to life.

We are a full-service Graphic Design Studio that has experience in solving all our client’s problems.

From large-scale campaigns and events to simple design projects our creative team delivers top-quality design results every time.

Make Your World Move

Cut through the digital chatter with movement.

Whether a full-blown TVC, a ‘Customer Experience’ video or a short sharp motion design that makes people stop and take notice.

We’ve the proven ability to produce the best logo animation that your Brand needs.


We take care of the designs, while you take care of business. You’re out here helping others, supporting customers, all in hopes to change the world. Even if it is in a small way. Every little bit counts!

We keep you looking the part, from the start.

There is a human truth at the heart of every business. We as the best advertising agency gold coast here to help you share it.

In Our World Of Ever-Increasing Digital Noise, One Of The Few Spaces Left To Stand Apart Is In The “True Customer Experiences”.

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