5 Video Production Differences: Motion Graphics Vs. Animation

Motion Graphics Vs. Animation


Motion graphics and animation are different tools which can be used as video production elements for a business. Using content to represent information to users, each production tool has its own way of communicating with the viewer.

Ranging from creative to direct, each of these approaches or mediums can be used to connect with your audience in a specific way. Read on to learn more about these differences and how they impact your video production

Simple, Effective Information

While animated videos tend to be more of a storytelling tool, playing on the viewer’s emotions, having in-motion graphic elements delivers a more direct, simple message to the user. Basic graphic options are the best way to get straight to the point quickly and easily. Each plays into a different style of communication that will offer an audience a different experience. You must decide whether a dynamic story or a direct message is the best way to deliver your brand. 

Touching Emotions 

The goal of the content will also be a factor when deciding on your approach. Whether you want to raise awareness or emphasise emotion, or even simply draw attention to the brand, you should consider an animated video notion over a more graphical option. Connecting emotionally is the key characteristic of these more subjective media elements, using the right music and imagery to create a connection with the audience. Sometimes emotions are the right tool for the job. Still, on the other hand, it can also be important to drive the message to your audience efficiently, remaining objective in the presentation and giving the bare facts of the matter. 

Careful Wording 

The simplest way to see the different characteristics of these two approaches to video media is the amount of text and readable content on display. While the text elements in animated videos may be distracting and overwhelming, graphic videos can use text to keep viewers focused and imply action to be taken. The visual approach can be more informative and direct but only gives the user room to ponder emotions instead of delivering a direct, factual message and illustration. 

Visual Or Descriptive 

Using more designer graphic options is the ideal approach when explaining a complicated concept to a range of viewers. As users may have varied knowledge and backgrounds, you need to form a concise and elevated message in design, directly informing the viewer of your goal. This approach as a visual tool proves the perfect delivery method for explanations and general education – whether about skills, company profiles or more. Conversely, delivering the same message through an animated medium may fall short of the goals as viewers mostly focus on emotive visual elements more than the implied message. 

Mix And Match

As professionals we understand how to use both these elements to balance each other out throughout a campaign. When you can utilise each element to complement the next, you can achieve a more integrated and impactful message. 

Motion graphics and animation services can help you enhance your brand’s presence online and connect directly with your audience. When you correctly present the right message to viewers, you can get more responses. Contact us today to find out more about these media options.