Tips For Meeting With A Graphic Designer To Discuss Business Logo Design
Meeting Scene for Designing Logo


Whether you are meeting up at the design studio’s offices or simply speaking over the phone or via email, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when discussing your business’s logo design with a graphic designer. This is especially true if you want to get the most out of the design and end up with a logo that is an accurate and memorable representation of your brand!

As experts in business logo design on the Gold Coast, we find it incredibly helpful if our clients are aware of the following.

Know Who Your Competitors Are

It will save your graphic designer a lot of time and energy if you know exactly who your direct competitors are. If the graphic designer knows what your competitors’ logos look like, they can make sure that yours is not too similar and stands out from the rest.

Have a Clear Idea of Your Brand’s Identity

Many new business owners do not take the time to develop and think about their brand’s identity. You should have a clear idea about the message that you want to send through your messaging and your logo. 

Your Target Market

Who exactly will this logo be targeting? Different target markets, age groups and sub-cultures require different types of designs if you want to appeal to them. If you are not entirely sure who  your target market will be, then do some market research to understand your target market better.

Trust the Graphic Designer

While you may have a grand idea for a logo and just want your graphic designer to execute it, remember that the graphic designer is the professional, and it is important to listen to their advice. They will know what works and what doesn’t work and what branding will be effective while still being true to your brand.

Looking for business logo design services on the Gold Coast? Get in touch with the experts at OYO Studio! We will be able to come up with a business logo design that is a true representation of your brand and will create the right impression!



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