The Role Of A Design Studio In Visual Storytelling

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The ancient art of storytelling is a fundamental human characteristic, dating back to the most ancient civilisations. Oral storytelling evolved to written, and now in the digital age, the spotlight has moved to a visual narrative.

A design studio in Brisbane is ideally positioned to support clients in the creation of their visual stories. First, let us consider what is meant by visual storytelling.

What Is Visual Storytelling?

Visual storytelling is the use of any visual cues such as photographs, illustrations, video, motion design, infographics, use of colour, logos and other design elements to tell a story.  The major advantage of this is that visual prompts are far more effective at eliciting emotions than text.

What Importance Does This Have For Marketing Strategies?

Every organisation has a story – the struggle to start up from scratch, the difficult path travelled to stay true to their roots, the triumph over competitors. How effectively this story can be conveyed in a visual way to the instant gratification generation can have a massive impact on marketing strategy.

We all suffer from digital overload, so a shift in focus to the real stuff, the people, the slogs and hardships is an important way to reconnect with audiences. As most content is absorbed on mobile devices, this story must be told visually for the greatest impact.

Plenty of new websites are launched each day, millions of photos are posted on social media and millions of emails are sent. Marketing research shows that the visual components (versus text, for example) of any communication are the parts that generate the most profound impact. Therefore marketing strategies that focus on visual storytelling are likely to be the most successful in funnelling new business.

Role Of The Design Studio

The digital marketing team at a design studio will use their experience and knowledge of digital marketing tools and their knowledge of the client and their organisation to weave this unique transcript into a visually appealing story.

A full range of elements including branding, graphic design, web design, motion design and video production must be brought together and work seamlessly across the full spectrum of applications from mobile apps, websites, publications and packaging.

This multi-faceted approach will create and sustain brand awareness, improve conversions, heighten sales and ultimately enhance profitability.

For all your design studio needs, contact OYO Studio in Brisbane now. Let us put the human truth back into your story.

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