Case Study

Young Lungs

care for rare

Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) is a non-for-profit organisation that assists those living with rare lung diseases – and young children are no exception. As parents of children with rare lung disease also require support, the LFA aimed to create a supportive community for parents. As parental and individual advocates, families can also assist in the awareness and fundraising for children with rare lung disease.

The Brief

#1: Engage parents of children with rare lung disease into passionate advocates and engaged members of the Lung Foundation Australia community with a ‘connect’ call to action.

#2: Raise broader community awareness about rare lung disease in children and the need for support, with a soft ‘donate’ call to action.  


  • 3 new families connected with Lung Foundation Australia
  • 500 views of the campaign webpage
  • 2,000 people reached via Facebook with average engagement rate above 5%


The Execution

In order to reach families in need of support, amid a global pandemic, a particularly digital approach was taken in order to connect with the target audience. Creative outputs included:

  • A campaign headline and two ‘soft’ CTA
  • 2-3 graphic creative concepts
  • Social Media tiles and banners
  • Website and Grassrootz banners
  • Video content
  • EDM header



Due to the global pandemic, the client was limited in providing photographical content which meant the majority of creative outputs needed to be graphical. This poses as a challenge when the objective is to connect with people – as images of people tend to have an increased response on social platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook.

The Results

The ‘Young Lungs’ campaign achieved the following goals:

  • X new families connected with Lung Foundation Australia since the launch of the ‘Young Lungs’ campaign
  • There was XXX views of the campaign webpage
  • XXXX people were reached via Facebook with an average engagement rate of X%
Overall Campaign Success
Goal Objectives Achieved 73%