Lung Foundation Australia – Brand Strategy


Hope In Every Breath – 2019 Campaign

Lung Foundation Australia was seeking a brand proposition and national campaign concept for their Lung Health Awareness Month which would include the review and analysis of the current brand identity, a concept for a single value proposition statement and a campaign concept to coincide with Lung Health Awareness Month.

Utilising OYO’s experience working with the Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) for the last two years, the focus was to help LFA’s brand find their own distinct voice and personality through the unique OYO approach – highly rigorous methodology combined with collaboration and holism. This proven approach allows us to align brand strategy with business strategy to create opportunities for growth.

The Current Brand Identity

Modern branding encapsulates much more than a logo, and there are countless possible touchpoints that can help define a brand. Lung Foundation Australia has undergone a substantial brand redesign and extensive market research that supports the branding process.

The research found that LFA initially had low-level brand awareness. The new re-brand has increased brand awareness by 8%, though stagnate for over three years. Based on this positive increase in brand awareness, it was decided that the physical brand should not change but instead should build upon.

With LFA’s brand awareness now in focus, an increase in brand imagery, photography, positioning and targeted sponsorship have been developed.

The Single Value Proposition

“Hope in Every breath” – The new tagline ‘Hope in Every Breath’ detaches itself from the negative dystopian connotations commonly associated with lung disease. By reframing the mind around ‘Hope’ for the future, a positive outlook on lung disease steers individuals towards helping others for the betterment of themselves and their loved ones in the form of donations.

‘Hope in Every Breath’ is the ideal value proposition statement in this case as no matter the avenue, division, or campaign, ‘Hope in Every Breath’ is both relevant and symbolic to the vision of the organisation, but also the goal and spirit for any and all of its campaigns.



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