Leading Brisbane Agency Talks Brand Longevity Through Logo Creation


Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched.As a Brisbane branding agency, creating a logo to last goes beyond picking a colour scheme, brand name and design. A company logo is the starting point to creating a durable, long-lasting business identity in a competitive world which snaps up logos and pushes them out as fast as they are made.

Brand identity is crucial to establishing credibility and building long-term loyalty. Business, after all, is not short-term and you’ll want a Brisbane logo design services and brand identity that carries through the years as your business expands. It’s about staying in the minds of audiences now and for decades to come. And while the future is unknown, it is essential to create a logo that is timeless.

Sure, logos of well-known companies have changed, and do change, but this only happens subtly and once every 10-15 years. Still, the essence of the original logo design is seen and felt. So, apart from considering the longevity and durability of your logo, how else can you and your designer work together to create a logo design and brand identity to last a business lifetime.

Recommendations From This Brisbane Brand Agency

Firstly, make sure your logo design is professional in appearance and encompasses the company’s services and products as well as a business message in some way. More simply, reflect the nature of your business in your logo in a way that does not limit your business’ future growth.

Try to avoid trends or regional cultural influences as these can quickly become outdated. Carefully pick a neutral font and colour range and use these in a planned way. Lastly, always keep your design simple and avoid over-complicating it with graphics, bright colours, twirls and unreadable font styles.

For a complete and integrated approach to your logo creation, choose a brand agency in Brisbane that can work with your business and create one that lasts. Contact OYO Studio and let the professionals design your next move. An ideal way to get your business noticed in Brisbane and beyond, now and in future.



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