How Your Brisbane Based Design Studio Talks In Pictures
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Human beings are visual creatures. Well, all primates are, but at this moment, we’re more interested in how human beings connect with your brand.

“As we have learned to interact with the world using visual cues, our brains have evolved to absorb, manipulate, and react to visual information in increasingly effective ways.” – Kass and Balaram in their study on the organisation and function of the visual system. Human beings don’t only process visual data faster than any other type of data, but we also create multidimensional relationships through our visual cues.

For our team at OYO Studio, this comes as no surprise. We have been talking in pictures, or visuals to be more accurate, for over 20 years. This is what we have learned.

How Marketing In Visuals Is The Only Way Forward

Effective visual design and communication create a stronger bond with your audience. Intelligent use of this relationship can create conversion, repeatable transactional value, and highly shareable content. Your visual communication becomes quantifiable when you realise how much more effective eCommerce, superior brand loyalty, and entertainment for the user journey you can create. The best part? All of this is also backed by science. A number of studies have proven that visual pairing makes for more effective and captivating interaction than simple text alone.

Design Factors That Influence Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Here are the ways in which you can explore your visual design:

  • Incorporate your brand identity in every. single. visual.
  • Ensure that your web design incorporates mobile responsiveness
  • Convert social media into sales through visual interaction
  • Welcome the involvement of user-generated content

Doing all of this with the support of a media-savvy design company means that you will activate more clicks and conversions, become more relatable and connect better with your audience, be able to grab immediate attention and express more. Most excitingly, you can become a visual storyteller that identifies with your clients on a deeply personal level.

Your Design Partner Can Make Your Business More Effective

At OYO Studio, we are passionate about relationships. We aim to be a Brisbane based design studio that goes the extra mile in creating visual excellence for your company. We want to discover, create, and learn. Find out more by calling us on 1300 057 077 or get in touch using our online contact form. Let’s work together.

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