How Motion Graphics Can Move Your Brand Ahead Of The Competition

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Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched.In these rocket-fuelled times, if you aren’t operating in the digital stratosphere, then you might as well be selling fax machines.

Digital Marketing is not a fad, it is the future happening in the present, and you ignore it at your peril. Yes, in theory, it’s another type of marketing but it is so much more. It is agile, intelligent and self-teaching.

People buy online, school online, consult with doctors online, train online, study online, talk online, date online and more.

So, are you part of the digital revolution or are you slowly slipping backwards down the digital slope? Are your competitors more I.T. savvy than you?

Stay RELEVANT. Know what the current trends are and implement them.


What Are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics have been talked about since 2014, but they are still not widely used even all these years later. Motion graphics use text as its main element, like an automatic infographic. The beauty of this medium is that it brings designs to life.

See below examples of motion graphics we’ve created for our clients here.

What Are Your Website’s Needs?

You and your business’s stakeholders have decided to take the plunge and do away with PowerPoint… Are there elements on your website that could be set in motion to increase viewer interest? Motion graphics can do that for you.

Why Is It Not Called Animation?

“Animation” is a broader subject and covers a diverse range of actions with super powerful film industry software. A non-static image or object is termed animation. In terms of digital marketing, motion graphics are mainly different from animation because of content as motion graphics is generally the adding of movement or ‘life’ to abstract objects, texts, and other elements with no storyline.

Motion graphics are great in videos as they use exciting ways to highlight a point, grabbing everyone’s attention.

How Does It Help Marketing?

Many stats are thrown about, but 70 to 80% are figures regularly used to refer to the number of clients who like/want videos in content sent to them.

Top content is critical, or you will deflect rather than attract. Remember that your brand personality is “making” the video, not you personally, so that MUST be reflected. And keep it simple and easily digestible for your audience. You’re not making a dark, theatrical piece here.

Motion graphics are a VERY cost-effective way to make videos, so it is a win-win marketing tool when used correctly and when created and wielded by professionals.


The Benefits of Motion Graphics:

1) Motion graphics can improve your price point as your brand is seen as more professional and of higher quality against competitors that have static presentations.

2) Search engines love videos so your brand will move higher up rankings. More traffic being directed to your gorgeously designed website.

3) Motion graphics will give a hard-to-beat injection of interest to your web pages.

4) Motion graphics can be shared across social media, so you might just go viral on Insta, for example. #Fingerscrossed.

5) Your brand will be seen as fresher, more contemporary and ahead of the game when using motion graphics.

This barely scratched the surface of the benefits that motion graphics can bring to your digital strategy. We have loads of exciting, professional and effective ideas to share with you, that will attract your ideal customers! The motion graphic will keep their attention for those few seconds more, to slow their pace and stop them from speeding off. It can be the start to their journey around your website instead of around the whole of the internet.

Contact our creative design team to discuss your next project about motion graphics in Brisbane. The superbly designed graphics will target and attract new and existing clients to visit again and again.