Infographic: 30 ways Instagram stands out from other social media

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How can you make sure your messages on the photo-sharing platform will reach the biggest audience?

Consider these stats as you evaluate your current efforts and plan for the future.

For communicators hungry to reach a global audience, Instagram offers a feast of opportunities.

The photo-sharing app has over 1 billion active monthly users and skews toward an increasingly valuable market: consumers under 35. For marketers and PR pros, the platform is a gold mine.

So, what kinds of content and messaging are most successful? What can organizations do to reach bigger audiences?

This infographic from Famemass details 30 Instagram statistics that every communicator should consider when planning for the future of social media marketing.


Top insights include:

  • Instagram is a global platform, with 80% of users living outside the U.S.

  • Posts containing at least one hashtag earn 12.6% more engagement.

  • Photos generate 36% more “likes” than videos.

  • Posts with a location get 79% more engagement.