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Fundraising Success Amid Pandamic

Hear and Say is a world-leading Paediatric Auditory-Verbal and cochlear implant centre. However raising funds amid a pandemic leaves limited options for fundraising methods. OYO Studios was approached to develop a campaign which would promote an online fundraiser.

This year the giving day campaign was back but with triple the impact! Any donation was tripled by a matched pledge from supporters, with hopes to raise $200,000, to support and change the trajectory of children’s lives forever by ensuring Hear and Say is here to stay.

With the major efforts made by all those involved, $342,113 was raised, an amazing $142,113 over the original targeted amount!



We are all facing uncertain and challenging times. Due to the impact of coronavirus Hear and Say faces an urgent shortage in funds for frontline services. However, the reality is children and babies with hearing loss cannot wait.

Every day without sound limits their potential. The earliest years are crucial. Ensuring children’s auditory brains are actively developing during this time enables them to learn to listen and speak, so they can achieve developmental milestones and go on to school just like their hearing peers.

Almost 30 years ago, Dr Dimity Dornan AO had a vision to help all babies born deaf to hear, listen and speak. From these humble beginnings with just six children, our team of world-leading professionals have delivered vital audiology, speech and language services to thousands of families.

Our community is the backbone of Hear and Say, and since 1992 we’ve been here to help. We need your help now to ensure the future for children with hearing loss remains bright.

Join us on Thursday, 27th of May for the Hear and Say, ‘Triple Impact Day’, and see the impact of your gift immediately tripled by a matched pledge from one of our major supporters.

Your support will change the trajectory of children’s lives forever and ensure that Hear and Say is here to stay.

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