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Opening Worlds To create Better Futures

OYO was tasked with creating an overarching concept to launch Hear and Say’s Adult Hearing Program. This concept needed to communicate to multiple audiences – existing friends and family who know them for their services to children but are not necessarily aware of the expansion – as well as a new audience.

When developing the concept, we needed to take into consideration that the concept needed to be a phased or multi-campaign approach with the view to launch a second phase next year as part of Hearing Awareness Week (March). Hear and Say are world-leading experts in hearing technology and listening and spoken language therapy. They are committed to opening worlds for people with hearing loss.

The concept of ‘That Hear and Say Feeling’ highlights various everyday scenarios that someone with hearing loss may miss out on. As well as that wonderful feeling of knowing that you are supporting a not-for-profit that strives to give children the gift of listening, hearing and speaking.


Increase brand awareness among the wider community of our extended services with 5+ initial appointments per week in first 12 months.

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