Five Effective Ways To Use Personalised Video In Marketing



There are many effective ways a marketing agency in Brisbane can use personalised video elements in your messaging to enhance your engagement with potential clients.

When you can show a direct connection, emotion or benefit through your strategic media, you can develop a more memorable connection with your users. Read on to find five efficient ways to use these valuable media elements

Event Invitations

Planning your next corporate event or occasion is a good time to consider personal elements. For example, when you send clients, partners or customers a direct invite email, you are likely to have improved click-through rates. With a clever media element embedded in this invitation, you can draw the recipient’s attention and show them the value of the event in fewer words. 

Explainer Videos

This type of content can work for both B2B and B2C companies. Still, it’s a particularly favoured strategy for business-to-business activities as it is an insightful advertisement of your offering in short, technical language. For example, an explainer video is an excellent way for companies to talk directly to a potential customer or partner, describing what makes the service stand out in a professional message. It can also act as a tool that a B2B organisation can use to show how their service can help support another business’s bottom line.

Case Study Videos

A case study is a clever way to improve your credibility among your audience, showing them the experiences of other previous customers. It is a quick and simple story of how you achieved success in enhancing your customer journey. When potential customers hear it from the people that benefited, it shows the potential for their growth. A good case study highlights your company’s strategic frame of mind and shows your audience that you can deliver on your promises. 

“Thank You” Videos

Supporting clients after the purchase is crucial for creating a long-lasting relationship and a good impression. Retention in this way ensures your customers have no interest in moving over to one of your competitors, instead being loyal to your brand. When you can interact and connect with your clients through these clever media elements, you can ensure they feel cared for and supported by your service.  

Email Marketing

Adding videos to your email content can boost clicks by up to 300%. You can capitalise on that special click rate by including tailored videos in the body of the email. This can also work with upselling and cross-selling.  

When you use a marketing agency in Brisbane, they can create personalised video content that entices and engages customers directly. This is an ideal way to boost your visibility online. Contact us today to find out more.