Effective Business Logo Design On The Gold Coast


Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched. Getting top quality logo design is essential to any modern brand. Having a thoughtfully put together brand and business identity ensures your professional status and appeal. Your logo is the first thing most consumers see, and often becomes the shorthand for your brand. Therefore, a logo must be a simple yet elegant image that will stay with people. When setting yourself apart from other businesses on the Gold Coast, attention to detail can go a long way.

Colour selection is a massive factor in a logo. Not only used as a reference to categorise your brand subconsciously in the audience’s mind, it also reflects the colour scheme the runs through your entire business.

As far as categorising your organisation goes – there is a marketing basis linking certain tones to parts of the brain, and in turn, specific demographic needs to fit businesses. Those aligning themselves with education, for example, will opt for blue most likely as this is the colour of trust and reliability – often seen in use by banks as well. Green is commonly used in financial sectors alongside red as they represent growth and power, respectively.


The style of your logo, from the font selection to the composition, lends itself to the immediate impression of your brand. Whether sporty, financial or creative, the stylistic elements of your design show where your brand fits into the world. Large letters with rounded shapes often show a more creative, playful character, whereas strict, corporate brands will tend towards more rigid shapes and plain lettering. These all show their ethos to their audience – no one wants financial advice from polka-dot bubble letters after all.

Logos Are Not A DIY Job

Effective logo design on the Gold Coast is not a DIY job – it is more than just pretty pictures and fancy font. It connects your brand and business identity, and qualified minds know how to make this connection. Consumers can easily spot a DIY logo from a professionally created one. Getting a professional to design your logo means you will receive high quality, high resolution images, in a range of formats, so you can use your logo no matter what kind of marketing material or platform you are using.

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