Discover The Top 10 Fonts For Graphic Design In Brisbane For 2021


2020 has birthed many exciting designs. We present here our exciting predictions of the top 10 fonts for 2021 graphic design in Brisbane!2020 has birthed many exciting designs. We present here our exciting predictions of the top 10 fonts for 2021 graphic design in Brisbane!
10. Glamour Absolute

Designed by: Nicky Laatz.

A strong, elegant, feminine top performer climbing the ladder of popularity fast. Its sentimental, classic vintage style is crisped up with contemporary flavour.

9. Juana

Designed by: Eli Hernández for Latinotype.

Whilst keeping the essence of the Eastern, highly decorative Jazmin in the strongly tapered terminals it enters the mainstream with its simplification and strong contrast of line thicknesses. It comprises eight weights, italics and supports 200 Latin languages.

8. Brandon Grotesque

Designed by: Hannes von Döhren for HVD Fonts.

A long-time favourite since 2010, it has grown in popularity. The delight is in the small peculiarities you discover in the design. The geometric-sans serif face basis has been optically corrected, making interpretation easier. It offers six weights and italics and supports all European languages.

7. TT Norms Pro

Designed by: Ivan Gladkikh, TypeType Team, Pavel Emelyanov for TypeType.

This diverse font is versatile, crisp and contemporary. Useful for various possibilities, it is favourite #3 on It offers 26 reworked fonts, from Thin to Extra Black, Italics, outline and variable versions. It supports 260 languages + localised versions of character forms.

6. Bogart

Designed in 2020 by Francesco Canovaro for Zetafonts.

This retro serif homage to low-contrast old-style heavy faces gives strong, puddled shapes. It offers 29 vintage styles in nine weights, italics, 1600 glyphs and services 219 languages. It also includes extensive swash characters.

5. Valky

Designed and published by NEWFLIX.Bro.

This elegant and lovely vintage serif typeface has expressive, simplified ligatures. It presents four weights, alternative glyphs and ornament, supports multiple languages and suits editorial projects, branding, packaging, headlines and high-end events.

4. Apparel

Designed by: Daniel Hernández and Alfonso García for Latinotype.

The product of master artisans! It is a fun take on contemporary styling with a casual, nonchalant slant. It offers twenty styles, and its medium-large x-height sits well with headlines, branding projects and supports 200 Latin languages. It has a basic Cyrillic set, old style & lining figures, fractions and alternates.

3. Helvetica Now

Designed by: Max Miedinger, Charles Nix, Monotype Studio, Jan Hendrik Weber for the foundry  Monotype.

This iconic typeface had a big 2019 facelift. With three optical sizes of Micro, Text, and Display in 48 fonts refitted to meet contemporary needs. Loads of new features make it masterfully versatile.

2. Acumin Pro

Designed by: Robert Slimbach for the foundry Adobe.

This massive, resourceful sans-serif can be used for headlines or long text sections. Ninety styles will service anything needing a contemporary look. It gives a sensitive balance to neo-grotesque letters.

1. Futura Now

Designed by: Edwin Shaar, Steve Matteson, Terrance Weinzierl, Juan Villanueva for Monotype.

The Futura facelift removes the overly harsh original angles in 102 styles and adds decorative variants. A genuinely massive diversity!

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