Designing A Brand: Expectations Vs Reality


The competition between businesses is fierce. To be successful in any industry, one must stand out among the crowd, offer something unique and be recognisable by consumers. This is where designing a brand comes in.

One of the most important investments you can make for your business is in your brand development. It is a crucial aspect of establishing your brand identity. Collaborating with a professional design team that understands the importance of strong, clear communication and brand consistency will help you achieve this.

Designing a Brand: What We Stand For

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”
– Paul Rand, Art Director/Graphic Designer (known for creating corporate logos for IBM, UPS Enron and many other companies)

Designing a brand is more than just putting images together; it’s a process of creating your brand identity. The goal is for consumers to associate your brand with a high level of trust, credibility and quality.

At Oyo Studio, we believe that there’s a human truth at the heart of your brand, and that’s what we bring out.

Designing a Brand: Expectations vs Reality

Stage 1: Initial Creative Feedback

  • Expectation: Designing a brand is easy and quick.
  • Reality: Designing is a creative process that requires an in-depth look into your business – what it’s all about, what makes your brand tick, and how do you want your customers to perceive you. It’s creating a visual representation of your whole identity.

Our Initial Creative Feedback phase is when we closely work with our clients to set the design foundation. During this stage, we discuss your goals and expected results. Whether you come with ideas or have no idea where to begin, it is imperative to understand that this phase is a collaboration between client and designers. We encourage feedback and keep the communication open so that we can formulate thoughtful design decisions.

As designers, it is critical for us to know “who” you are as a brand, how your business is currently placed in the market, and more importantly, where it will be positioned in the future. Therefore, thorough research is part of the process. The information gathered in our discussions will help us deliver what you want, and importantly, what’s best for your brand.

Stage 2: Visual Execution Of Brand

  • Expectation: Designing a brand is merely putting design elements together and creating a logo for the company.
  • Reality: A brand design is story-telling, and each design element should unite in harmony to make the story whole.

Creating your logo is just one aspect of the branding process. Nevertheless, the Gold Coast logo design plays an influential role in establishing the mark of your identity as a brand. It is a prominent symbol that creates a connection with your target audience.

After the initial stage, we can now proceed to the Visual Execution Of Brand phase with confidence and clarity. In here, we fully resolve your brand’s visual identity and provide rationale on how they have been established.

Tasks under this phase include (but not limited to) the following:

    • Writing the branding story
    • Competitor analysis (to avoid unnecessary similarities)
    • Choosing the style direction
    • Choosing the visual elements (colour palette, images, symbols, typography, etc.)
    • Creating a style guide

Stage 3: Concept Artwork Of Marketing Collateral

  • Expectation: A brand design, as long as it is unique, will look good on all media platforms.
  • Reality: Not all brand designs work equally across all media platforms. Testing is vital.

The truth is not everything that looks good on a digital screen will look equally great on other environments and surfaces. For example, a logo may work perfectly on a printed brochure but may not look quite as attractive and sensible when it’s on a website. So, before launching the design, we create several mock-ups, with slight tweaks within the elements and test them to see which designs work best for different media types.

We will then provide our recommendation with the rationale behind every design decision we’ve made. We highly encourage feedback during this phase so we can go back to the drawing board for necessary revisions.

We Make The Complex Process Of Designing A Brand Easy For You

Each step of brand design should be well-thought. It is a creative process of understanding the brand, focusing on the needs of the target audience and achieving business goals. OYO Studio, with our team of passionate design experts, make this process easy for our clients. We help you create a unique visual representation, establish an identity that resonates with your market and bring out the human truth in your brand.



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