Design. What is design? Is it the product packaging, the print on advertising material? Is it the logo that represents your brand, the brand identity?Design. What is design? Is it the product packaging, the print on advertising material? Is it the logo that represents your brand, the brand identity?

Brand design is changing and you may need to start shifting your approach to your business design, branding and logo so as to meet the “new normal” and embrace the future of brand design, particularly strategically and creatively.

Like the brand identity of your business on the Gold Coast, the logo design is no longer a flattened image. It’s about mixing ingredients, imaginations that work together to extend what your brand stands for. It’s about using product design, architecture, technology, social media, graphic identity and the human mind to create something special, memorable.

Today, business owners, managers, graphic designers and other creatives are realising that the emerging school of thought is not only sophisticated but understands how putting different, sometimes abstract, elements together work for the greater good. It supports physical objects and looks at screen interfaces, website layouts, web content, imagery and the environment in which they are all found:

The Landscape

The landscape is shifting, and more businesses and designers on the Gold Coast are taking innovative strides in combining graphic design, product design and other technological elements to make a single entity. As one of the most recognisable parts of a brand’s identity, the logo is spread across all marketing and advertising material and digital platforms like social media. For this reason, it needs to stand out.

Motion Identity

The way designers create logos is changing. The design elements are taking leverage of technologies that make it streamlined across digital platforms. Animation and other motion graphics enable companies on the Gold Coast to create moving and changing logos. The added trick here is optimising them for mobile devices, big screens and other platforms. Additionally, these designs can respond to users’ activities or be filled with user-generated content in the form of tweets, texts or even emails. This creates an impression with audiences and earns you brownie points with SEO and search engines.

Hiring a Gold Coast logo design company that specialises in innovative will help revolutionise and evolve your branding. At OYO Studio, we want to do that for you. Speak to our graphic designers about your logo design needs today!



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