Branding is not just aesthetics but rooted in strategy to create growth and connections beyond the abilities of good design. Here is how to establish a brand identity:

A brand strategy is “the who, what, where, and why’ of a business. It includes the ideal audience and visual identity. It helps define differentiators and defines everything from presentations to the way its team works.

It is a cornerstone of business growth. Inconsistent branding will dramatically harm a company’s reputation and bottom line. Consistent branding bridges the gap between a business and its consumer building trust, gravitas and provenance.

Starting Point

It does not start with a CEO but the client via a questionnaire, a call and research to keep the developed strategy relevant. A client questionnaire should deliver the “who, what, where and why” of a business.

  • Who is the business servicing?
  • What problem does the business solve for the customer?
  • Where is the business or its customers located?
  • Why does the business do what they do?

The answers plus market research are added to an in-depth brand strategy covering all aspects from mission to visual descriptors, succinctly and clearly. It is the base from which every visual and business decision grows.


A brand identity is not merely shapes and a colour palette. It is a visual manifestation of the brand strategy. It drives the attraction of ideal clients, differentiation from the competition and retention of clients.

A successful identity subconsciously attracts clients through thoughtful, psychology-based colour, shapes, typeface, photography and word choice.


Know your ideal audience in your strategy before selecting visuals. It might sound like an obvious, easy step but, be warned. There is a lot of planning and strategic decision making required for establishing and shortlisting brand visuals.

They must positively affect the right people and be able to know who the right people are, which only comes after well-thought-out brand strategy insights.


The brand must not only have the ability to speak to its audience; it must be able to be heard above the noise created by competitors, your client’s personal social media activities and life in general.

A brand designer ensures a business stays on the right side of the fine double lines between staying relevant, fading away or looking ridiculous. When the audience hears you, you can leverage the attention effectively, putting the competition in your shadow.

Contact our business brand design team for relevant brand strategy by an experienced, successful branding agency in Brisbane. We can guide you through the whole process from start to finish. Our team will capture the essence of your brand value and personality in the strategy, and attract the appropriate target market, driving your business forward.