Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched.Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched.

Why is using professional graphic design in Brisbane so important? Because a badly designed visual language can be detrimental for a brand.

For instance, a 2010 logo revamp for Gap was slammed by stakeholders, and one published comment called it “something that a person’s pet could produce”.

A brand’s visual language and logo are not just appealing, pretty pictures. There have been heavily funded research projects (for example, by Adobe) conducted internationally to prove that people process complex assessments of a brand based ONLY on the shape of the logo. A picture really does paint a thousand words. Universities in Europe and the USA have thousands of PhD students, each with a thesis on the psychological impact of shapes on the consumer’s buying impulse.

What Does The Research Say?

In one study, referred to in the Journal of Consumer Research, “Five experiments document that the mere circularity and angularity of a brand logo is powerful enough to affect perceptions of the attributes of a product or company.” Old school opinions categorised the effects of the shapes fundamentally. Such as how circular shapes brought about a perception of softness, and how angular shapes brought a perception of hardness.

Yuwei Jiang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and his research team looked deeper. They found that the roundness or angularity of a logo conjures up complex perceptions, e.g. roundness = “softness” + caring, warmth, and sensitivity. The research team projected that circular logos would produce thoughts of greater product comfortableness, and angular logos would create views of heightened durability. They also concluded logo designs influence the consumers’ broader opinion of a brand such as after-sales service, supply chain ethics, etc.

The research also measured visual working memory as a mechanism that informs the consumer’s broad judgments.

Psychological Science published research in 2013 regarding logos and branding and their extremely strong effect on decision-making.

Does It Influence Price Point?

Authors Marios Philiastides (University of Nottingham) and Roger Ratcliff (The Ohio State University) researched visual branding impacts on buying decisions and concluded, “It is not sufficient for companies to try to attract consumers with price promotions, good customer support, or product-specific technical requirements…[they must] place special emphasis on brand design…to develop and maintain a competitive advantage…ultimately biasing decision-making processes…”

Other research conducted by the University of Novi Sad, Serbia, and the University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina showed that attributes of creativity, aesthetics, and attractiveness were integral in a consumer’s price presumption. Consumers recognised and appreciated well-designed packaging and presumed a higher packaging price, product price, and product quality. The results also reconfirmed previous studies that concluded Western consumers select more unusual and uncommon shapes and designs. These findings included the importance of the functionality of the packaging as it amplified the attractiveness of the packaging.

What does all this mean for your brand? It means that each element, down to the shapes within your brand’s logo need to be well thought out in line with your messaging. As a professional graphic design studio in Brisbane, OYO Studio can help make sure that it does.


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