An Effective Way To Relaunch Your Branding

Rebranding is not just a walk in the park. There are tons of things that need to be considered. One of the biggest things to consider is the ‘why’, is it that you’re rebranding, why do you feel you need to launch a logo, why now? Next, you need the best team on your side […]

How To Build An Effective Brand And Business Logo Design

Your brand is more than your logo and tagline. A lot of business owners and marketers on the Gold Coast still mistake their business logo as their “branding”. However, logos are merely a piece of your branding strategy and overall business design. It is important to remember that a business’s success depends on creating a […]

Revolutionizing Logo Design

Design. What is design? Is it the product packaging, the print on advertising material? Is it the logo that represents your brand, the brand identity? Brand design is changing and you may need to start shifting your approach to your business design, branding and logo so as to meet the “new normal” and embrace the […]


Design, and designers, have never been more powerful in the way they can create work that speaks volumes. Not only does design have the power to amplify brands and their products, but it has the power to change mindsets, provoke conversations and steer behaviour, influencing society in an age where freedom of expression is a […]

Discover The Top 10 Fonts For Graphic Design In Brisbane For 2021

2020 has birthed many exciting designs. We present here our exciting predictions of the top 10 fonts for 2021 graphic design in Brisbane! 10. Glamour Absolute Designed by: Nicky Laatz. A strong, elegant, feminine top performer climbing the ladder of popularity fast. Its sentimental, classic vintage style is crisped up with contemporary flavour. 9. Juana […]

Creating A Brand Identity That Competes And Compels

Branding is not just aesthetics but rooted in strategy to create growth and connections beyond the abilities of good design. Here is how to establish a brand identity: Foundations A brand strategy is “the who, what, where, and why’ of a business. It includes the ideal audience and visual identity. It helps define differentiators and […]

Clients And The Shapes That Make Them Shop

Cities, companies, and celebrities have paid millions towards getting their brand visual language researched, designed, tested and launched. Why is using professional graphic design in Brisbane so important? Because a badly designed visual language can be detrimental for a brand. For instance, a 2010 logo revamp for Gap was slammed by stakeholders, and one published […]

How Motion Graphics Can Move Your Brand Ahead Of The Competition

In these rocket-fuelled times, if you aren’t operating in the digital stratosphere, then you might as well be selling fax machines. Digital Marketing is not a fad, it is the future happening in the present, and you ignore it at your peril. Yes, in theory, it’s another type of marketing but it is so much […]

Characteristics Of A Top Graphic Designer

If you’re hiring a Brisbane graphic designer, you’ll want to invest your money in a professional who will deliver excellent results that far exceed your expectations. But what do you look for to ensure that you are dealing with someone highly skilled and capable of bringing to life the idea you have in your mind? […]

How Do You Build A Brand? The Key Elements

Branding is a process where many new business owners – and several older ones who now want a fresh, new look – begin to discover and truly delve into what and who their brand really is. Many businesses offer services or products and focus mainly on the quality of their offerings and generating revenue, often […]