Effective Way to launch Brand


Rebranding is not just a walk in the park. There are tons of things that need to be considered. One of the biggest things to consider is the ‘why’.

Is it that you’re rebranding, why do you feel you need to launch a logo, why now? Next, you need the best team on your side to help you with the rollout. For one, a professional branding agency in Brisbane is your best bet to a seamless rebrand, and finally, you’ll need buy-in from everyone.

The biggest crisis is when rebranding or your initial branding isn’t or wasn’t, respectively, implemented correctly, therefore greatly reducing the impact it was supposed to make. Before any launch, an effective, well-thought-out rebrand plan is a must! This is where a branding agency in Brisbane comes in. They’re able to help you develop a brand strategy that works with your intended rebranding so that it is well enforced and recognisable.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the ways that can help you launch a rebranding, and this can include anything from a new logo, a product or announcing a new service.

Preparation. Preparation. PREPARATION!

Before anything takes place, it is essential that you prepare from the beginning. If you want your rebranding to run smoothly and be well-received, you ought to anticipate, prep, and identify potential drawbacks. For this, you need thorough planning.

A branding agency understands the steps involved in preparing for a prelaunch and a launch. From creating a checklist and timeline delegating tasks, notifying relevant teams, platforms – online and offline – as well as spotting opportunities for bigger exposure.

What Are The Touch Points?

There’s nothing more frustrating than missing boxes that need to have been checked. Imagine launching a website with a new logo or complete branding, only for your social media platforms to have the old branding. Every platform and marketing material needs to all be in effect from the moment that you launch your branding or rebrand.

Without visual consistency, there will be a negative impact on the reveal, and this also has an impact on the internal and external perception of your new branding.

Your branding agency in Brisbane will help tick off the boxes to an effective rebrand by focusing on items such as:

  • AdWords campaigns
  • Social media rebranding; profiles
  • Working on visuals; logos, marketing material, media kits
  • Content guidelines
  • Updating all your third-party directories
  • Focusing on your website
  • Domain names if and when applicable

It is important that you know your brand story, your new branding journey and how it reflects your new efforts, and how you intend on preserving the integrity of your brand so that your target market knows you’re still the brand that they’ve always trusted.

Calling reinforcements in the form of a branding agency in Brisbane is the best way for everything to roll out smoothly and effectively. At OYO Studio, we’ve noticed a number of missed opportunities when businesses and brands launch rebranding, and that’s why we want to assist you. Call us to schedule a consultation for your branding and rebranding needs today and see what we can do for you.



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