Access & SSI – Refugee Week

OYO Studio teams with Access and SSI for Refugee Week, 'Creating Welcome' campaign.
Access SSI - Refugee Week 22
refugee week
Where you belong

SSI and Access Community Services has been supporting refugees and working for a more socially cohesive society for over 50 years combined. For the 2022 Refugee Week, the two organisations aimed to raise awareness with the campaign theme, ‘Creating Welcome’. Refugee Week shines a spotlight on the extraordinary people who have come to Australia seeking safety, connection and a new life for themselves and their family.

OYO Studio worked with SSI and Access on the heartwarming ‘Creating Welcome’ campaign which, this year, spotlighted the teams on the frontline. The staff who are most experienced in welcoming new arrivals, supporting community and creating belonging.

We interviewed employees and asked them how they got involved in supporting clients and the community, and why it’s so important to support and welcome new arrivals.

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Refugee Week Campaign