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OYO Studio is a brand and design studio that can meet all your creative needs. With over 20 years industry experience, Oyo Studio has the creative vision, strategic knowledge and production expertise to deliver outstanding work. 

Our Philosophy

There is a Human story
at the heart of every brand.

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Companies need to earn the trust of consumers by showing them the human side of their brand instead of being seen as a faceless entity. When companies share real stories about themselves such as hardships they’ve overcome or lessons they’ve learnt, consumers are better able to relate to them. The more open and honest you are about what happens behind the scenes of your company the more people will trust you. 

Values are everything

Our Core Values.


We strive to discover what drives you, to find your identity and to create a positive public perception and strong persona for your business. 


Our passion drives us to always deliver outstanding results that leave a lasting impression.


We are dedicated to increasing our knowledge and skills continually. Learn from the best, then do it better.

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Travel can reignite your creativity and passion. Being somewhere different clears the mind and inspires innovative thinking. Experiencing new sights, sounds, smells and cultures gives you a creative edge.


Books expose us to different perspectives and ways of thinking which inspire us to have new ideas. When we read it makes us think, use our imagination and comprehend ideas. Reading in essence is exercise for the mind and the more you train the better you will get. Reading is the key to nurturing your creativity.

Confucius says:

“No matter how busy you may think you are, you must find time for reading, or surrender yourself to self-chosen ignorance.”


Listening to happy, lively music improves your divergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the ability to make unexpected combinations or transforming information into unexpected forms which results in new, outside the box ideas, a core component of creativity.