5 Top Graphic Design Elements You Need on Your Website: Advice from Graphic Design Experts in Brisbane
OYO Studio Staff


Good graphic design plays an incredibly important and strategic role in the execution of any eye-catching website. Graphic design sends a message to the target audience about what your brand is all about and the solutions you offer.

But which key graphic elements should be included on your website? Our graphic design experts in Brisbane would advise you to include the following: 

#1 Logo 

We all know how important a great logo is. If you don’t already have one that is a good representation of your brand, you should get a professional graphic designer to create a logo for you. When it comes to website design in Brisbane, your logo should appear on every page in strategic positions to instil brand identity. 

#2 Eye-Catching Header 

Headers are usually the first thing that catches the eye as you load a website. Headers are made up of text, but there is usually a graphic element to them too. They should be easy to read and give the viewer a clear idea of what your brand is all about. Headers should be consistent on all pages on your site. 

#3 Emphasis On CTAs 

Call-to-actions entice potential customers to go ahead and buy that item or get in touch with your team. While an enticing call to action may require an experienced copywriter, the placement and design fall into the hands of a graphic designer. 

#4 An Impeccable Colour Scheme 

Humans are undeniably visual creatures, and an impeccable colour scheme will truly elevate your website, make it appear professional and deliver your brand’s message to the world in an effective and cohesive way. 

#5 Quality Photographs 

It is 100% worth investing in high-quality photographs for your site. A graphic designer can edit images and advise on which stock images to go for, as well as take care of image placement that works for your site. 

Avoid attempting to do graphic design work yourself. Rather invest in the services of a professional graphic designer so that your website remains evergreen. 

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